STX International STX-4000-SX2 Mega-Steam Black Series SX2 Steam Cleaner

Have you ever dreamed of plugging in one machine that could effectively clean your hard floors, cabinets, walls, bathtub, toilet and sinks? What if this single machine could also clean a variety of additional surfaces throughout your home? You don’t have to continue dreaming because the STX International Mega-Steam turns distilled water into hot steam that can eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold spores, dust, scum and allergens from your living environment.

No Chemicals Necessary

If you’re concerned about using harsh cleaning solutions in your home due to the chemicals contained in those products, it’s time to make the switch to steam cleaning. This STX professional steamer will work just as hard to eliminate dirt and bacteria from every surface in your home, and it does the work with nothing more than a tank of distilled water. The machine comes with microfiber cloths that will protect the surface of your floors throughout the steaming process, and you can toss them in the washing machine when you’re finished.

Ready to Adapt and Extend

The STX International STX-4000-SX2 comes with three extension tubes, and you get two replacement tubes with your initial purchase. This allows you to reach further to clean surfaces that may otherwise require you to climb. For instance, reaching the top of your living room drapes or into the small space between your stove and sink is much easier with these extensions.

This steam cleaner also comes with four attachments that allow you to adapt the machine to a variety of cleaning scenarios. The squeegee is perfect for leaving a streak-free shine on your windows while the metal and nylon brushes allow you to scrub dirt and grime from the grout on your tile floor or the edges of your bathtub. You can also use the bent nozzle to get into hard-to-reach areas.

STX also provides a large steam gun with this machine, and it comes with a lock that ensures children can’t turn it on. It will provide a strong burst of hot steam that helps loosen dirt and grime, but you will have to pause between bursts to allow the steam to rebuild in the water tank.

While there are some household steam cleaners that come with a larger assortment of on-board attachments, the options provided with this machine are adequate for most interior cleaning projects. If you struggle to get into small cracks or crevices or want to make sure that your mattresses are free of bed bugs, this machine will provide the attachments needed for the job.

Large Water Tank

The size of the water tank on your steam cleaner will determine how often you have to stop for a refill. This STX steamer comes with a tank that can hold more than 60 ounces, but you can’t fill it completely with water because you need to leave some room for steam to build up during use. The tank is still much larger than what you will find on most portable household steamers.

STX Mega-Steam Pros

  • Steam heat up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Adjustable steam intensity
  • Water tank holds more than 60 ounces of water and steam
  • Corded steam gun attachment
  • Child lock on steam gun
  • Floor brushes and extension tubes included
  • On-board tool storage
  • Kills mold, fleas and bed bugs in addition to bacteria
  • 3-year manufacturer guarantee

STX Mega-Steam Cons

  • Weighs approximately 17.5 pounds without water
  • Limited to four attachments
  • Distilled water recommended

Is the STX International STX-4000-SX2 Steam Cleaner Right for You?

If you want a durable household steamer that will leave most surfaces of your home sanitary and clean, the STX International STX-4000-SX2 Mega-Steam Cleaner is worth considering. While it does weigh close to 20 pounds when full of water, the tank is positioned on strong wheels that allow you to easily pull it from one room to another. You never have to use a cleaning product to clean your home, and you can prevent the buildup of allergens with regular use. While it is satisfactory for most indoor cleaning projects, you may want to consider a competing steamer with more on-board attachments if you want to venture outdoors to detail your car or complete tasks that need additional tools.


STX International STX-4000-SX2 Mega-Steam Cleaner Rating: 5/5 Stars

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