Oreck Steam-It

One of Oreck’s popular entries into the steam mop arena is the Oreck Steam-It, a lightweight mop that offers user-friendly features such as an adjustable on/off steam function, a large capacity tank and easy-to-remove cleaning pads.

The Oreck Steam-It is designed to work effectively on linoleum, tile and hardwood floors (for carpets you’ll need a carpet cleaning machine), and can clean windows, bath and kitchen fixtures as well. As with other steam mops, it’s recommended that you sweep the area that you’re planning to clean until it’s free of surface dust and dirt before applying steam. For areas with caked-on dirt, you’re going to have to set the steam on high and totally saturate the area with steam for at least five seconds. For regular cleaning, a quick once-over should be sufficient to lift away dirt and grime

One thing that users will love about the Oreck Steam-It is that the unit comes with universal-sized fastening clips so that you can use your own household towels as cleaning pads. This convenient, money-saving feature eliminates the need to order expensive, custom-made cleaning pads. The Steam-It comes with its own heavy-duty cleaning covers that you can wash and use many times over, and if you choose to continue using these instead of your own towels, you can reorder these specially-made pads from the Oreck website.

All things considered, the Oreck Steam-It is one of the best steam cleaners currently on the market. One of the things that you’ll love about it is that its low-moisture steam, which starts up in 45 seconds, dries quickly and doesn’t leave streaks. Another big plus that the Steam-It offers is an adjustable steam function that lets you control the amount of steam you want to use in a given area. Users also like the fact that you can clean with or without steam, thanks to a handy on/off steaming button.

Users will also love the fact that it manages to give great results without the use of expensive chemical cleaners, which can emit unpleasant fumes and pose safety hazards for pets and children. By using just water alone, the Oreck is able to clean, deodorize and sanitize household surfaces.

The Oreck Steam-It works equally well on curtains, upholstery and other fabrics. A quick once-over with the Steam-It will freshen and deodorize all types of heavy-duty fabrics. Because the system works on only a minimal amount of water, you won’t have to worry about spotting your draperies or fabrics; both floors and fabrics dry almost immediately.

Another advantage is that you can turn the Steam-It upside down when you’re cleaning lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, and it won’t spill water on you. The unit has a long mop handle so that you can reach high enough to clean all types of ceiling fixtures.

As is the case with other steam mops, the Oreck Steam-It is relatively lightweight. However, one downside of this floor steamer is that it does not fold up for storage, so it may be a bit bulky if you have limited closet space.

Another disadvantage is that, unlike other mop cleaners, the Steam-It has a relatively short power cord that may not reach all the way across the room. This can be remedied with an extension cord, but a longer cord would be an attractive feature for future versions of this model.

The Oreck Steam-It isn’t the easiest mop to maneuver into tight corners; you’ll have to experiment to see which angle works for you. Users say, however, that it’s difficult to get the mop head under constricted areas such as bathroom and kitchen counters.


  • Large reservoir holds enough water to steam clean several rooms
  • Steam control knob lets you adjust the amount of steam you want to use
  • Cleaning pads are easy to change, and you can also use your own rags or towels as cleaning pads
  • Works well on tiles, linoleum or hardwood floors
  • Lightweight
  • Cleans effectively without chemicals
  • Four-piece kit with special cleaning attachments
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Takes a few more seconds to heat than other steam mops
  • A bit bulky to store in a closet
  • Power cord is too short
  • Too large to fit under tight areas like under counters

If you’re looking for a lightweight, full-size steam mop that has adjustable on/off steam control and can clean and sanitize without using chemical cleaning solutions, then you may want to give the Oreck Steam-It a try. Overall, this is a wonderful steam mop that is easy to use, highly maneuverable and – most importantly – it will thoroughly clean, deodorize and sanitize just about any type of household surface.


Oreck Steam-It Rating: 5/5 Stars