McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

The McCulloch MC1275 is a heavy-duty steam cleaner that you can take virtually anywhere. Its oversized water tank rolls on caster wheels and connects to a hose. You can attach the tool of your choice to steam clean everything from kitchen appliances to furniture, carpeting and your backyard grill. Mopping the kitchen floor is just the beginning for this reliable steam cleaner that is loaded with advanced features.

An Attachment for Every Situation

What allows the McCulloch MC1275 steam machine to stand out in today’s crowded market is the assortment of attachments that come with the tank. It starts with a floor mop attachment that is suitable for all sealed hard floors, but you can do much more with this steamer than keep your kitchen and bathroom floors shiny and sanitary.

The steam jet nozzle delivers a powerful burst of hot steam that’s suitable for cleaning the grout on tile floors as well as corners, cracks and crevices that are difficult for most steam cleaners to reach. You can even use this small nozzle for detail work inside your car or on your motorcycle. When cleaning larger surfaces, you may find the squeegee attachment useful. A set of five utility brushes made from durable nylon is also included, and the scrub pad will make eliminating big messes and stains easier.

The only limit to what you can clean with this versatile steam machine is the 15-foot power cord. Use it to freshen your curtains and upholstered furniture, steam your mattresses to kill bed bugs and bacteria, and then head outside to steam your patio furniture when winter gives way to spring. You can even detail your own car when you make proper use of the utility attachments. If you have a cleaning job, there’s an attachment to handle it properly.

Steam You Can Count On

Those attachments allow you to tackle any household project with confidence, but they’re useless without the powerful and consistent flow of steam produced by the McCulloch MC1275. When you turn the unit on, it takes up to eight minutes for the water to heat, and a light will tell you when the machine is ready for use. While there are many steam cleaners on the market that can heat up in two minutes or less, those machines have much smaller water tanks.

When you’re ready to clean, you can lock the steam in place so that it flows continuously or allow it to pour out only when the nozzle is activated. You can also use the controls to determine how much steam comes out of the nozzle, which allows you to customize the steam to every project. With an oversized water reservoir holding up to 48 ounces of tap water, you can expect to work for approximately 45 minutes before you need to refill the water. If you pause the steam while working, one tank of water may last even longer.

This is a steam machine that turns tap water into water vapor, so you never want to add a cleaner to the system. This allows you to clean virtually any surface in your home without introducing harmful chemicals into your living environment. This keeps your home safe for children and pets while allowing you to eliminate dust and other allergens.

What’s the Catch?

The McCulloch MC1275 may seem like the household steam cleaner that can do it all, but there are some limitations to keep in mind. For starters, the machine weighs 18 pounds and gets even heavier when the tank is full of water. If you don’t have an outdoor water source, you may have to fill the tank up inside and carry the tank to outdoor projects. If you can safely lift and pull approximately 20 pounds, then you may not consider this a problem.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the water may heat to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but that doesn’t mean that the steam holds that heat after leaving the nozzle. You can still expect temperatures well over 100 degrees when the steam reaches its final destination, and that is a hotter flow of steam than many other household steam cleaners can produce.

McCulloch MC1275 Pros

  • 18 cleaning attachments with on-board storage
  • Up to 45 minutes of continuous steam
  • Locking steam function for continuous action
  • Cleaning solutions are never required
  • 48-ounce water reservoir
  • Heats to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit in less than eight minutes
  • Safe for all sealed floors
  • Cleans upholstery and carpeting

McCulloch MC1275 Cons

  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Non-moving bristles on all attachments

Is the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner Right for You?

This steam cleaner is perfect for any consumer interested in cleaning a variety of surfaces with a single machine. If you just want to steam your kitchen and bathroom floors to kill germs and enjoy a fresh shine, you may not need the variety of attachments and higher steam temperatures that come with this type of steam cleaner. Some users may even find the attachment options overwhelming, so think about where you may use this type of steamer before making your final buying decision. Once it’s in your home, you will find many ways to use it that have never before crossed your mind.

If you are searching for a versatile steam cleaner that can help you tackle virtually any project with ease, consider the weight of this machine before making the purchase. While it isn’t the heaviest steam cleaner in the McCulloch lineup, it is heavier than many basic steam cleaners on the market today. That’s because this isn’t a basic steam cleaner. It’s a machine that functions at a higher level, allowing you to kill bacteria and germs while washing away dirt and grime on virtually any surface.


McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner Rating: 5/5 Stars