using a steam mopIf you are looking to get your floors as clean as humanly possible, using a steam mop is your best option. The new technology of the steam mop is fairly simple; steam mops simply take water and turn it into steam to create impressive cleaning action. Not only are steam mops excellent at cleaning, they are also cheap as you don’t even need to use soap or detergents. Although using a steam mop is easy, below are some tips to help you get the most out of your steam mop cleaning experience.

  • Open Floor Space: The first step to getting the most out of your steam mop is to move all furniture and other objects out of the way so that you can get every piece of floor in the room. Not only will this prevent you from missing spots, it will also save time.
  • Clean floors are easier to mop: Before you start mopping, it’s a good idea to either sweep or vacuum the floor to get rid of any debris and/or dust that could potentially inhibit your steam mop.

After you have completed the above steps, it’s now time to bring out your steam mop!

  1. Set Up: Before you start using your steam mop, the first step is to unplug the mop and insert a cleaning pad. Next, fill up your mop’s water reservoir. Be sure to never insert the cleaning pad or fill up the water reservoir while your mop is plugged up; your steam mops heats up very quickly and you could get burnt or receive an electrical shock.
  2. Start the Magic: Now that your steam mop is ready for action, all you have to do is wait for the indicator light to come on. When it does, your steam mop is ready for use! When you push your mop forward, steam will be released; when the mop moves backward it picks up dust on its cleaning pad. In most cases, it’s suggested to start at the far side of the room and work your way in.
  3. Cleaning Pad Changing: After you’ve worked your steam mop, chances are you’ll need to change the cleaning pad in order to keep your mop working efficiently. Remember to unplug your steam mop before changing its cleaning pad.
  4. Putting it Away: As you’re probably realizing, your steam mop is a pretty special piece of equipment. In order to increase its life, it’s important to store it correctly. Be sure to remove all water from the mop in addition to cleaning or changing the cleaning pad; don’t put your mop away wet as dampness could result in mildew.