Homegear X100 Professional Steam CleanerThe Homegear X100 is a professional-grade steam cleaner that sells at a surprisingly affordable price. It’s designed with a large water tank on wheels that attaches to an extended hose. You can select from a variety of attachments to turn that hose into a powerful steam cleaner capable of eliminating dirt, scum, dust and other allergens without hours of scrubbing. This is a versatile machine that will do far more than keep your kitchen floor shiny, and you can use it indoors as well as outdoors.

A Steamer that Accommodates Cleaner

Household steam cleaners turn tap water into hot steam that loosens dirt and shines surfaces while killing bacteria and germs. The Homegear X100 steamer is a bit different because it has one reservoir for water and another for the cleaning solution of your choice. Each tank will hold approximately 33 ounces of liquid, and you get to decide whether you use a cleaner or not.

One of the benefits to using a steam cleaner is the ability to kill bacteria without introducing chemicals into your home, but there are times when you may benefit from adding a cleaner to your steam machine. This allows you to tackle tough stains or extremely dirty surfaces that won’t come clean with steam alone. You can also take the X100 steam cleaner outdoors or use it on windows, so there are many opportunities to use the cleaner reservoir even if you don’t want to use a cleaning product inside your home.

14 Attachments for Versatility

The collection of attachments that come with the Homegear X100 Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner allows you to tackle any cleaning project with the most efficient tools. It starts with a floor attachment that is suitable for steaming any sealed hard floor. This includes hardwood floors as well as all types of tile, and there are attachments that will work on carpeting or upholstery. You can select from a cotton cleaning pad and a chenille microfiber pad to ensure that your surfaces remain safe and unscratched throughout the steaming process.

If you want to clean the grout on a tile floor or get into tight corners and crevices that are difficult to clean with other machines, use the jet nozzle. This attachment provides a blast of intense heat that will loosen dirt and grime so that it’s easier to remove. Other attachments include large and small nylon brushes and a window attachment with a nozzle that makes detail work easy. You can even use the squeegee to clean your windows, leaving them streak-free every time.

There is an attachment on this machine for virtually any cleaning situation that you may encounter, but you are limited by the five-foot power cord. This may stand in your way of some outdoor cleaning projects, such a detailing your vehicle or spraying down your grill after use.

Intense Heat for Tough Cleaning Sessions

While all steam cleaners are designed to turn tap water into hot steam, many can’t compete with the intense heat that is generated by the Homegear X100 steamer. The heat maxes out at approximately 284 degrees Fahrenheit, but that isn’t the exact heat that will hit the surfaces that you clean. You can expect the steam temperature to drop a little once it leaves the nozzle and mixes with the air, but you will still get hotter steam with this commercial product than you will with most standard household steam cleaners.

The temperature of the steam may not seem important if you’re tackling everyday cleaning tasks like shining your kitchen floor, but it does matter for more difficult projects. For instance, cleaning the soap scum out of a shower stall or eliminating tough stains on the grout of a tile floor is difficult, and often impossible, without intense heat from a continuous flow of steam.

Are There Any Limitations?

While the Homegear X100 can sanitize, clean and shine most surfaces, you can’t expect it to do all of the hard work. The attachments don’t have moving bristles or suction, so you will need to use your own strength to scrub all surfaces clean. This is the case even with some steamers that sell for twice the price, and you would have to use even more elbow grease to clean the same surfaces without the blast of hot steam and durable tools provided by this machine.

When spraying a continuous flow of steam for long cleaning projects, you may have to pause while the water reheats at times. This can get annoying and may extend the time needed to complete more difficult cleaning jobs, but you can still expect to work for more than 35 minutes before you need to refill the water tank. The large tank can make up for some of the time lost while waiting for the steam to reheat.

It’s also important to keep in mind that this is a portable steamer with a rolling tank, but it’s not necessarily lightweight. The machine weighs 10 pounds, and it gets a bit heavier when full of water. If you have trouble pulling this amount of weight through your home, you may want to consider a lightweight steamer with a smaller water tank.

Homegear X100 Pros

  • More than 35 minutes of steam time per tank
  • 14 accessories included
  • Water reservoir holds approximately 33 ounces
  • Separate reservoir for cleaning solution
  • Steam temperature can exceed 280 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Powerful 15-watt engine
  • Protection against overheating

Homegear X100 Cons

  • Weighs 10 pounds without water
  • Pauses required to reheat water between blasts of steam
  • Slightly lower construction quality than some of the other steam cleaner models

Is the Homegear X100 Professional Steam Cleaner Right for You?

When comparing this steam cleaner with other household steamers, keep in mind that this is a professional-quality machine designed to do much more than keep your kitchen floor shiny or kill the bacteria in your bathroom. You can use this Homegear steamer on many other surfaces, including windows, carpeting and upholstery. Once you bring it home and start exploring the attachments, you will find many new ways to put it to work.

You may also prefer this steam cleaner if you want to work with a cleaning solution at times. Many steam cleaners do not have a reservoir for a cleaner, so they limit you to the power of the hot steam. This machine gives you the option of adding a cleaner for more difficult jobs, and you can always buy a natural cleaner if you’re concerned about bringing chemicals into your living space.


Homegear X100 Professional Steam Cleaner Rating: 3.5/5 Stars