Haan SI-70 Multi

Although steam mops today offer a variety of features, sometimes you don’t want to use a full-size mop for a quick cleaning job. Enter the Haan SI-70 Multi, a full-size steam mop that converts in a moment to an efficient little hand-held model.

Thanks to their user-friendly design, steam mops have become more popular than ever within the last few years. The Haan SI-70 Multi combines all of the best features of today’s high-tech steam mops in one lightweight, easy-to-use unit; just fill the water tank and within about 20 seconds the steamer function will be good to go.

Steam works more efficiently than traditional soap-and-water because it cuts through heavy, caked-on dirt and lifts it away from soiled surfaces. The steam heat also has deodorizing and sanitizing properties, so it’s not always necessary to use a chemical cleaning solution. According to the manufacturer, by using just water alone this chemical-free steam mop is powerful enough to kill 99.9 percent of all household germs, in addition to common household bacteria strains and dust mites.

Users of the Haan Multi will particularly like the fact that it operates on water alone, so there’s no need for harsh chemicals that create unpleasant fumes and potential risks to pets and children. You can also save money by using the Haan SI-70, as it eliminates the need for expensive store-bought cleaning solutions. The only solution that comes with the floor steamer is a lime and scale remover rinse, which works effectively on removing water residue from kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

A Versatile Cleaning Machine

What really sets the Haan Multi apart from the competition, however, is its ability to convert to a hand-held steamer. This versatile little unit works beautifully for steaming and deodorizing fabrics such as throw rugs, curtains, cushions, furniture, bedding, pillows, and even sneakers, backpacks and stuffed animals. In most cases, after just one quick steaming you’ll be able to tell the difference; your fabrics will smell fresh and clean. Steaming your carpets, curtains, furniture and cushions will also save money, because you won’t have to keep using those expensive spray-on fabric fresheners from the store.

You can also use the hand-held steamer for cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, as well as stove tops, counters, shower stalls, wall and backsplash tiles and even sinks and faucets. The only downside is that the steam is hot, so you need to be careful while operating the hand-held unit. Also, cleaning large areas of carpeting with this machine is not recommended, as you could damage the carpet. Instead, you should use a carpet shampooer.Haan SI-70 converts to hand-held steamer

You’ll find that it helps to go over the soiled area first with a dust mop in order to remove surface dust, dirt and pet hair. Once you’ve swept the area and gone over it just once with the steamer, you’ll notice right away how effortlessly it picks up dried-on dirt and grime. For heavily-soiled surfaces, however, the Haan Multi will work better if you go over the area at least a couple of times.

The heavy-duty microfiber cloth is great at trapping and picking up the dirt once it’s been steamed off. However, one negative aspect of the Haan SI-70 is that, while it may sanitize floors and surfaces, it leaves a lot of the dirt behind. In fact, at times you may find that the microfiber cloth is still relatively clean after usage, proving that it’s not picking up much dirt at all. In addition, you may find that it sometimes leaves streaks on linoleum and hardwood floors.

But another advantage of the Haan Multi is its incredible maneuverability. The swivel-head mop manages to get into the tightest corners and quickly works its way around furniture legs with ease. The entire unit is extremely lightweight; it weighs just a bit more than five pounds, so you can easily pick it up and move it from room to room.


  • Removable hand-held steamer
  • Special attachments for specific cleaning projects
  • Swivel-head mop for easy maneuverability
  • Carpet glide attachment for sanitizing and deodorizing carpets
  • Long, 25-foot cord
  • Two reusable microfiber pads
  • Chemical-free cleaning system that can kill up to 99.9 percent of bacteria, dust mites and household germs using water alone


  • Not the best at removing dirt
  • Sometimes leaves streaks
  • Some users have reported that it contains parts that break easily
  • The hand-held unit must be used with caution because the steam is hot

With its powerful steam output, quick-heating mechanism, lightweight, user-friendly design and separate hand-held steamer, the Haan SI-70 Multi offers more versatility than most other steam mops currently on the market. If you’re looking for a multi-functional cleaning unit that will do the job without using chemicals, then you may want to try this efficient steam mop system.


Haan SI-70 Multi Rating: 4.5/5 Stars