steam mop benefitsFive Benefits of Using a Steam Mop

Whether you rent or own your home, you have a clear need to maintain the value of your property. You want to come home to a clean house that smells pleasant at the end of a hard day. You want friends and family members to enjoy the time they spend in your home. If you have children, you must ensure the surfaces they touch are as clean and sterile as possible. Unfortunately, maintaining a perfectly… Read more

maintaining steam mopHow to Properly Clean Your Steam Mop

Purchasing a steam mop is one way to clean your floors without the aid of harsh chemicals. Since steam mops run on electricity, you only need to add water to the mop to use it. Once the water reaches the proper temperature, the mop will produce steam to clean dirt and grease from your floor. Compared to other cleaning products, steam mops can save you time and energy. You can use the mop on… Read more

5 Steam Mop No No'sFive Things You Should Avoid Doing With Your Steam Mop

Steam mops seem so simple that you would think you couldn’t possibly mess up when using them. Water goes in; steam comes out. Unclean surfaces are quickly cleansed and sanitized. From drink spills in the kitchen to mud tracked in from the front door, your steam machine helps you keep up with your busy household. While you may depend on your mop to keep your home comfortable and presentable… Read more

Household AllergiesFight Household Allergies with a Steam Mop

Does someone in your household suffer from allergies? If so, your home should be a safe haven from the attack of dust mites, mold, mildew and other common allergens. You may have little control over the allergen presence of other environments you enter, but you do have complete control over how you maintain your own home. Cleanliness is even more important for your home than others, and… Read more

how to use steam mopHow to Use a Steam Mop

If you are looking to get your floors as clean as humanly possible, using a steam mop is your best option. The new technology of the steam mop is fairly simple; steam mops simply take water and turn it into steam to create impressive cleaning action. Not only are steam mops excellent at cleaning, they are also cheap as you don’t even need to use soap or detergents. Although using… Read more