Household AllergiesDoes someone in your household suffer from allergies? If so, your home should be a safe haven from the attack of dust mites, mold, mildew and other common allergens. You may have little control over the allergen presence of other environments you enter, but you do have complete control over how you maintain your own home. Cleanliness is even more important for your home than others, and a steam mop, along with an air purifier, is one of your most powerful tools.

If pollen or other seasonal allergens found primarily outside of the home are the main triggers for your allergy sufferer, you may keep your home free of danger simply by keeping your windows shut in the spring and summer. Those with more severe allergies may continue to suffer adverse reactions inside the home when the humidity is high outside. Luckily, consistent cleaning to avoid the build up of dust and the use of a dehumidifier can help eliminate allergy symptoms for the sufferers inside your home.

How Does a Steam Mop Help?

Steam mops are a powerful weapon against household allergens for the following reasons:

  • They eliminate more then just dust bunnies. You can use them to combat mildew, mold and a variety of unhealthy bacteria that may enter your home.
  • They work quickly, starting with the very first use. If someone in your household is suffering, you don’t have time to wait for an air purifier or other tool to take effect.
  • They are safe for repeat use as often as you need to freshen up your home. Compare this to chemical cleaners that add unhealthy fumes to your home and may not be safe for repeat use in a short period of time.
  • You can use a steam cleaner in combination with air purifiers, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filteration and humidifiers.
  • Steam mops are easy to use, so your entire household can help keep your living environment clean.

There are a lot of things that you can use to clean your home, but few are as convenient as the steam mop. For instance, you may already shop for all-natural cleaning products that do not contain ingredients that may cause additional allergic reactions in your loved ones. The problem with these cleaners is you have to spend time and apply muscle power to use them effectively.

A steam mop is easier to use, eliminates the need to exert a lot of energy on the cleaning process, and will clean your surfaces quickly. You know how much time you normally spend cleaning your home each day, but you may spend less time cleaning if you use a steam mop efficiently.

Allergies from Perfumes and Scents

Dust mites are not the only allergies that you may battle in your home. Some people find themselves sneezing, coughing or wiping water from their eyes when strong cleansers are used in the home. Since steam cleaners use nothing more than the power of water, you never have to worry about strong scents or chemical fragrances.

If you need to eliminate scents from your cleaning products, look for a steam mop that can be used on most hard floor materials, cabinets and fixtures located throughout your home. The more surfaces you can clean, the more value you will get out of your steam mop.

Cleaning Tips to Fight Allergens

You do not need to do anything special with your steam cleaner to fight allergens that enter your environment. Invest in a good model that produces high heat steam and discard any remaining liquid in the reservoir away from your home after each cleaning session. Make sure to cover every inch of your floor surface, and go all the way up to the edges of your furniture, cabinets and walls.

Make sure you steam clean underneath and behind every piece of furniture in your home on a routine basis. If you are worried about dust mites due to severe allergies, it is safe to steam clean daily or every couple of days as needed. If you use a vacuum cleaner for carpeting, make sure it has a good HEPA filter so it does not throw dust back into the air as you vacuum.

Do You Need More than One?

If someone in your household suffers from severe allergies, you may want to invest in two steam cleaners for your home. A large steam cleaner will take care of your floors while a handheld model will take care of upholstered furniture, drapes, counter tops, stairways and other areas of the home that are not as easy to reach with a larger machine.

If you cannot afford two steam cleaners, do not sacrifice quality in order to buy two units. Start with the best full-size steam cleaner you can afford. You can always add a handheld unit later. You may also get by with a full-size unit that allows you to detach the handle for convenience.