Bissell 1940 PowerFresh

The Bissell PowerFresh steam mop was designed for convenience. It weighs less than eight pounds without water, and takes just minutes to assemble for usage. Anyone can figure out how to snap it together, fill it up with water and get it steaming without having to spend hours reading the user’s manual. This is the type of mop that you pull out of the box and put to work immediately.

The Bissell PowerFresh also offers something else that you’ll love: fragrance. Small fragrance discs can be inserted into the mop pad that will release a pleasant aroma into the air when you’re cleaning. This is a special treat that will not only have your home looking clean but smelling clean as well.

The remaining features of the PowerFresh are rather basic. But that’s the beauty of this mop – It’s efficient and does its job extremely well. It doesn’t have a whole lot of super advanced technological features to brag about, but if you want something simple yet effective, you’ll probably find this mop among your top picks.

SmartSet Steam Settings

Like many manufacturers, Bissell gives a big name to a simple feature. SmartSet sounds fancy, but it simply refers to the three steam settings featured on the front of the mop. You can select from low, medium and high.

The high setting is the most useful because it delivers a satisfactory stream of hot steam that will easily clean big or small messes. When you use the lower steam settings, expect to find more water left behind on the floor when you are finished. If you want to sanitize your floors and make sure bacteria is killed off while you clean, then the high setting is always your best pick.

Since steam is produced heavily on the high setting, you can expect the mop pad to get soggy as the moisture collects. This may become a problem when cleaning a large room, since a wet pad is more likely to leave streaks on the floor when dry. You can purchase extra pads and switch them out if you have large rooms in your home.

The Bissell 1940 PowerFresh may not leave your floors completely streak-free every time, but it does a great job at minimizing the streaks. This is by no means a significant problem and should not stop you from investing in this mostly terrific mop.

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Smart Settings

Flip Down the EasyScrubber

This is another fancy name for a simple concept. This mop comes with a built-in scrub pad that you can flip down with your foot when needed. The pad works with the steam to loosen sticky or dried spots and efficiently clean inside crevices and grooves in the flooring.

This is one of the mop’s best features because you don’t have to stop and scrub exceptionally difficult spots by hand. The steam provides the elbow grease you would normally apply, and the scrub brush is more powerful on your mop than in your hand.

Microfiber Pads, Removable Tank and More

Changing water and keeping your Bissell 1940 clean is very easy because the water tank comes completely out of the mop. You can refill it at the sink, eliminating many messes and frustrations often encountered with competing compact floor steamers.

It also comes with two microfiber pads, and you can toss them in the washing machine after use. One is soft for standard cleaning, and the other is designed for scrubbing more difficult messes. You can switch between these pads easily with a quick-release design that makes taking one pad off quick and painless. This sounds like something every mop would feature, but many steam mops are quite difficult to handle when it comes to changing out pads.

Once you fill the tank with water and secure the microfiber pad of your choice, you have to wait approximately 30 seconds for the mop to heat up. Select a steam setting, and that is all it takes to get the PowerFresh ready to go. A light on the front of the device will tell you when it is time to start cleaning your floor.

Easy Maintenance

There is only one maintenance duty required for this type of steam mop: you need to change the filter occasionally. This is important because the filter protects the mechanical components of the mop from debris and other elements of the water running through the mop. You will prolong the life of your mop and ensure maximum performance by changing the filter when the beads inside start to change colors.

The Ups and Downs of Compact Mops

The lightweight, compact design of the Bissell PowerFresh offers many advantages. You can easily carry it throughout your home, including up and down stairways. It doesn’t take a lot of strength to push it over your floors, even at the highest steam setting. It is also easy to store when not in use.

As great as that sounds, though, there are some downsides to using a compact steam mop that you should be aware of. You may have to be a bit more cautious when leaning it up against a wall in order to let it cool down because lightweight mops tip over easier than heavier mops. The water tank is smaller than tanks on larger mops, which may require you to refill the mop when cleaning larger areas.

There are some mops with more substantial bodies and advanced features that you won’t find on a compact mop like the PowerFresh, but that doesn’t make them superior to the PowerFresh. It simply puts them in a different class of steam mops.

Think about the advantages and disadvantages when deciding between a compact mop with less weight and a larger mop that may have additional features. Many users prefer the more compact, lighter weight mops because they are simpler to use while taking care of basic residential cleanups efficiently. If you don’t have a need for advanced features and don’t need extreme heat or power, then something more compact and easier to use is probably the best fit for your home.


  • Bissell is a recognized brand, so finding replacement pads, fragrance discs and other supplies is easy.
  • The simple, lightweight design is easy to assemble and even easier to use.
  • Removable water tank makes refilling and cleaning easy and fast.
  • The mop’s compact design allows it to easily fit into tight spots, such as around toilet bowls and under cabinets, counters, appliances and furniture, and also allows for easy storing.
  • It’s lightweight, but not flimsy. The mop has just enough weight to it so that you don’t have to push down on it when cleaning.
  • Mop and water tank stay cool to the touch during cleaning.
  • Has a built-in brush scrubber that’s great for cleaning heavily soiled or dirty spots. It’s built into the rear of the mop head, so you can easilly flip it down with your foot when you need it and flipped back up when you don’t.
  • Comes with 2 different types of microfiber pads: one for normal cleaning and another for tackling extra dirty areas.
  • The cord is 23′ long.
  • 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty provides peace of mind.


  • The steam runs continuously unless you turn the mop off. This is inconvenient if you need to pause but don’t want the steam running on one spot of floor
  • The low and medium steam settings leave more water on the floor than the high setting.
  • The low steam setting may not produce steam that is hot enough to clean to satisfaction in most circumstances.
  • The filter can go bad quickly with hard water, but this is a problem with steam mops in general. The solution is to use only distilled water in the mop.

Is it Worth Buying?

After taking into consideration all factors, the Bissell 1940 PowerFresh might quite possibly be the best overall steam mop on the market right now. The PowerFresh, with its lightweight construction, compact and slender design, multiple steam settings, built-in scrubber and re-usable pads, simply offers unmatched value for money spent. You might be able to find a mop that has more features or better cleaning power than this one, but you definitely won’t be able to buy it for under $100 like you can the PowerFresh.


Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Rating: 4.5/5 Stars