BissellThe popularity of steam mops has been increasing in many households over the last few years. Many individuals are becoming more familiar with methods of cleaning that reduce the use of toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to children and pets. Others simply want to get away from the traditional mop and bucket. When you switch to a steam mop, your floors will shine and be free from bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens. The Bissell brand has recently become quite popular and offers a variety of steam mops to fit into most budgets.

Over 130 years ago, the Bissell company began by introducing carpet sweepers, its first line of cleaning products. Since then, Bissell has expanded to meet the needs of consumers everywhere. Today, Bissell has a product for all of your cleaning needs. Some products made by Bissell include vacuum cleaners, steam mops, deep cleaning carpet cleaners, and a wide variety of cleaning formulas.

Today, Bissell has an extensive line of lightweight, easy to use steam mops, some of which are also very budget friendly. The price range for a Bissell steam mop is between $65-$200, depending on the features you desire. Bissell’s flagship model is the Bissell 1940 PowerFresh, which is also one of the most popular and best selling steam mops currently on the market, due in large part to its very simple-to-use design and features. It is also very lightweight, compact and can clean even the dirtiest floors with the best of them. Another extremely popular model is the Bissell 1543A Symphony Pet. This steam mop also functions as a vacuum cleaner to help you clean up dirty messes left by your pets.

The Bissell 1867, which is a little more affordable, has a swiveling mop head and is ready to use in 30 seconds. The 1867 also has a water purification system that will remove harsh minerals from your tap water. While many steam mop brands encourage the use of distilled water only, Bissell has made it possible to use tap water without damage to the mop or your floors.

If you’re looking for a steam mop that will allow you to clean a larger surface area in less time, you may want to consider the Bissell 80K6. One of the best features of this model is that it has a two-sided mop head. When one side becomes soiled, you can simply flip it over and continue cleaning. This mop also comes with two mop pads. One is perfect for hardwood, laminate, and tile flooring. The other has scrubbing strips for all your difficult to clean, sticky messes.

When comparing the different models made by Bissell, you will find that most of them give you good value for the money spent. Most models are both durable and dependable for cleaning and sanitizing, but they all have their own unique features that set them apart from other steam mop brands.